Mr. Arshad


Welcome to SMILE CORPORATION. We are craftsman and manufacturers of Surgical, Dental & Beauty Instruments, Surgical and Dental Instruments started manufacturing in 1985 and Beauty / Pet Instruments in 1999.

We at Smile Corporation analyzed our market and found that the majority of local manufacturers were producing substandard Instruments. In addition they did not employ any research and development. The international market was dissatisfied with the poor quality instruments being produced and therefore was wary about purchasing instruments from Sialkot. At the other end of the market, the manufacturers in Europe and America were making quality instruments but this quality was reflected in their price which was out of the range of small Hospitals, Clinics & end-users.

Realizing there was a substantial discrepancy in the two markets; Smile Corporation team started a Research and Development department with their mission “To produce Top quality instruments at affordable prices”. This enterprise has involved many foreign professional Manufacturer`s and some foreign makers. To achieve our quality product, reverse engineering techniques were utilized. Top quality Steel were imported in the development of our quality instruments Japan Steel for Surgical Instruments and France Steel especially for Dental Scalars Quality surgical instruments were imported from the USA.

It has taken many years of experimentation and hard work to produce fine quality instruments at affordable prices.“Smile Corporation “is now selling our instruments well worldwide at very affordable prices. The company has distributors in Japan, Italy, Canada, Netherland`s, America, Colombia and Germany.

To make all these improvements, we exchanged ideas with customers and other surgical makers. Especially we thank to Miss. Maja Kraus from Germany, Mr. Jamie Calver from Canada both have made a great contribution to our quality Instruments production.


For more information or order inquiry feel free to write us by email info@smilecorpo.com or contact us via what`s App (+92-301-3070845)

We understand there is always room for more improvements and we are continuously working to improve our instruments. We invite you to join us, share ideas and enjoy Smile Corporation.